NSF file repair tool

NSF Repair Kit helps to fix *.NSF file corruption and restore important messages from damaged Lotus Notes database.

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How to repair NSF file of Lotus Notes database

Modified on 01/01/2019

The repairing of corrupted NSF file of Lotus Notes database with messages, contact, appointments and so on - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download NSF Repair Kit here: https://www.nsf.repair/dwnl/NSFRepairKitInstall.exe
  2. Install NSF Repair Kit
  3. Start NSF Repair Kit
  4. Select corrupted *.nsf file and press Analyze
  5. Preview and select the recovered content from damaged NSF file
  6. Press Next
  7. Select destination to saving of recovered data:
    • Export into new database
    • Export to existing database
  8. Press Start recovery button

How can i repair NSF file Lotus Notes?

IBM Lotus NSF repair tool

NSF Repair Kit is an end-to-end solution for the problem of corrupted Lotus Notes files of the NSF format. This Lotus Notes NSF repair tool uses a uniquely efficient proprietary file analysis core and a number of advanced algorithms to open files with any degree of damage and successfully extract their contents. According to internal benchmarks, the latest version of the program outperforms its closest competitors and its own older versions by a fair margin, and supports the recovery of files that would be treated as irrecoverable by the majority of similar tools. The new engine makes absolutely no distinction between the causes of data corruption, and is equally efficient in situations where an NSF file becomes corrupted after a hard drive failure, an OS crash, a virus attack or any other reason.

This Lotus Notes NSF repair utility sports an intuitive wizard-based interface that reduces the process to a few simple steps and confirmation clicks, thus making it a great choice for inexperienced user willing to know how to repair Lotus Notes .nsf file data after all kinds of accidents. The wizard-driven UI with a minimum of control elements requires absolutely no experience of using similar software and minimizes the probability of a human mistake. NSF Repair Kit never modifies the damaged source file, but works with its copy located in the system memory, thus allowing the user to try different approaches to NSF recovery if the program fails to produce satisfactory results. This IBM NSF Repair tool works with all major versions of Lotus Notes files and can be used with the most popular versions of Windows.

Lotus Notes NSF repair utility

Thanks to a built-in file preview module, the program enables user to see a list of recoverable file elements and select particular ones for extraction. The software is a tool of choice for system administrators in large companies who deal with NSF file corruption quite often, and home users who need an answer to the question "How can I repair NSF file Lotus Notes data without spending a fortune?" The program requires no additional components to be installed on the user's system, features a compact installation file size and can be used on older system thanks to its low system requirements.

How to repair Lotus Notes .NSF file?

Below are the key features and characteristics of this Lotus Notes NSF repair tool:

  • Based on an all-new data recovery core with ultimate efficiency and quality of data extraction
  • Uses an innovative approach to locating and recreating data using a combination of intelligent algorithms
  • A simple, clear and self-explanatory user interface making the program accessible for everyone
  • Fast processing of files of any size and structure
  • Extraction of data to a new or existing database
  • A fast NSF file repair tool download that takes a few seconds only
  • Compatible with all major versions of NSF files and the Windows OS
  • A detailed log file shown after each recovery session
  • Modest system requirements, no additional components required for operation
Lotus Notes NSF repair tool

The free demo of NSF Repair Kit can be downloaded from the official website of Repair Kit.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above

Customer's reviews and ratings
Jalen Barber 2021-04-28

It was critical for me to repair my letters from the damaged Lotus Notes file, I did not even notice how the deleted letters were also repaired.

Cali Murray 2021-04-05

The program creates a separate .nsf database file, but the fact that it must then be found in the program folder and opened from there is not written about this. Eh, I would have put 5 stars if not for this item.

Jeffrey Kelley 2021-03-17

Good applications to open corrupted Lotus Notes .nsf file. It really helped.

Adrian Carroll 2021-03-03

After transferring recovered messages from a damaged .nsf file using the "Export to existing database" option, the messages are for some reason duplicated in some places.

Jacob Tremblay 2021-02-17

Not to say that the best of the best, but this program does its job. Mail repaired with minor text loss in a couple of emails

Manon Ethan 2021-02-04

Hello, today I bought the program and restored contacts and emails from damaged Lotus Notes. I have attachments in two messages (only links), but there is no attachment itself(files), please, can you help what to do if I want to recover them too?

Rocky Rowan 2021-01-20

Great little tool for restoring curropted Lotus Notes file. And then everyone who works in the logistics department likes to break their mail at the end of the year

August Mcclure 2020-12-28

Uhh, only 80% of emails from a file broken by a virus are recovering. The address book was restored in full, letters in part.

TafvisJumble 2020-12-11

Started cleaning my mail due to large file size. But I can't figure out where the file IDs disappeared, there is a link in the attachments, but when you clicked the program could not find the file. I uploaded the file to the site, fixed the errors and everything returned as before, the only thing - I had to wait for the correction process for more than 30 minutes

Alisson Ian 2020-08-06

It was not possible to completely solve the problem with displaying all messages in the Inbox folder, since some mails with attachments were repaired as text without files. The rest of the folders are fine.

Nicole 2020-07-23

Before buying the program, I called tech support and explained the problem with my .nsf file. I was told that I have a very difficult case, and the program may not be fixied even after purchasing a license, and the money may not be returned immediately, within a week. But the specialist asked me to download the program and try to repair it in the trial version, and if he can show the data, then the file will be corrected. It took 2 hours to restore the Lotus Notes file, I am even very glad that it slowly but correctly repaired all the emails

Scalawag 2020-07-10

I repaired corrupt nsf-file, and could extract contact from Lotus Notes. But some contact contain only name without email address

WidgetJD 2020-06-29

Most of my .nsf and .ntf files were deleted when formatting the hard drive. Remembering that Lotus Notes files are stored in D:\app\IBM\Notes\Data I forcibly stopped the formatting process. All that could be restored in this ass was the recipient contacts from the names.nsf file, but only 75% of all contacts were repaired, the rest was deleted.

Opulencet 2020-06-10

After restoring the system, I can’t open the letters in Lotus Notes, because it says that the .NSF file was damaged, it is impossible to view the contents of the letters. Program recovered mails, but some emails were recovered without header, only content.

KnotLing 2020-04-23

I restored the .NSF file after formatting the HDD, and the file was restored as damaged. When I am opening this file, some of the content in the inbox was empty, but the size of the .NSF file was large. After fixing the .NSF file on this site, I saw in the preview that the text in the letters was restored, but not in all letters.

macau 2020-03-05

Reason of corrupted .NFS files is transferring files from one computer to the other all files, today we met it. Our repairing .NSF files process took whole day and recovered 27 of 33 corporate emails.

Gen2000 2018-09-10

Why IBM do not have the repair tool for corrupted Lotus Notes files?

Alex 2017-02-07

90% messages was repaired from my NSF file of Lotus Notes.

Serg 2016-11-15

Free to try software. It allow to know : are possible to repair NSF file.

max 2014-01-25

Easy to use tool!

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